Sandia Dog Obedience Club: Teaching people and their dogs for over 70 years.

Building Use and Keys

SDOC members in good standing who have been members for at least 3 years, have paid the annual key rental fee of $200, and who have provided at least 50 hours per year volunteer support are eligible to apply for a key to the SDOC building. Key rental is to a single member only, not to groups of members. For complete details, please see the following articles.

Key Rental Information

Using the Main Training Room

Having a key to the building is a privilege and carries with it a great responsibility. Below are the rules for all key-holding members

  • If you are training independently in the building, and not at an event, class or drill:
    1. sign in (sign in sheet is on the table just inside the door of the training room)
    2. a maximum of four people may train in the training room at one time.
    3. a key-holding member may bring only one non-key-holding member to train in the building
    4. if another member arrives to train, you may share the room if everyone is agreeable.
    5. if you do not wish to share the room, everyone training must complete their session and vacate the room within 20 minutes.
    6. if you are waiting for use of the room, do not interfere with the member(s) practicing.
  • Do not loan keys to other members
  • If the building is empty when you arrive, you must report any unlocked or unlatched door to a board member.
  • Put away any equipment you used.
  • Thermostats are on the north and west walls.
  • During the warm/hot months, do not turn off the A/C
  • During the cool/cold months, lower the west wall thermostat to 55-60 deg if you are the last one out. Use the north wall thermostat to turn the heater on or off.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • You must ensure that all exterior doors are CLOSED, LATCHED, and LOCKED when you are the last one out.
    1. To check the two exterior door (the north and east ones), open the door and check that the door is locked from the outside. Then close the door, and make sure it latches.
    2. For the main door - PULL ON THE DOOR HANDLE after you exit.
  • Please report any issues with the building or agility yard to the appropriate training director.
  • You must surrender the room for our cleaning lady, and for any scheduled events, classes or drills