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Please join us on July 8, 2017 for the SWAT 2017 Agility Fun Match.  I have attached a copy of this year's Premium and Volunteer sign-up.

This is a great, low stress way to get your dog ready for the September trials being held at the same location.  As always we will have warm-up jumps in various places to use before entering the rings, but this year we have an added bonus for Fun Match entries.  SWAT has ordered a new Wall Jump to be used at upcoming AKC and USDAA Trials.  We’ll have the Wall Jump set up in a warm-up area so that you can get some practice time with this obstacle during this Fun Match.

The event will be held at the Bernalillo Sheriff's Posse Arena, about 1 mile north of the intersection of Alameda and 2nd street on 2nd street. This is the same location as many of the local trials, so this is an excellent opportunity to get you and your dog familiar with the facility.

If you are just getting started in Agility, this is a great place to bring your dog.  Treats (either hand fed or in a target disk on the dirt at the end of contacts; no treats directly on contacts), toys & training are allowed in the ring.  Both rings will be netted & gated.

There will be 2 rings.  The Standard (STD) ring and the Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) ring will have both Excellent and Novice courses marked.  The courses are designed by AKC Judge Linda Kipp again this year.  You may run the numbered courses or work on whatever you want or need during your time.

Again this year we are encouraging the participation of Junior Handlers (9-18 years old) by offering reduced Junior Handler rates.  Please see the attached Premium for details.

Please join us for this fun event!!   And remember, we couldn’t run this Fun Match and you couldn’t run the Courses without volunteers, so please look over the Volunteer Form and sign-up to help us make this Fun Match a success for everyone (there are a few benefits, also).  Premium and Volunteer forms are attached.

2017 Fun Match Secretary

2017 Fun Match Chair  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click on link to download Premium: 2017 SWAT fun match entry Premium