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AKC launched it's Scent Work program.

Sandia Dog Obedience Club is proud to announce that it has been licensed to offer AKC Scent Work Trials and has approved two of our members to be AKC Scent Work judges.

Scent work is based on detection dog training and there are several organizations which offer titles. They differ slightly in the searches and odors used. However, the basic skills needed for any of them are the same - the dog searches for, identifies, then indicates that a particular scent is present.

Scent work (nosework) is great for all handlers and dogs. If you've got a youngster who is not ready for regular obedience or agility training, get them started using their noses. Likewise, if you've got a retired oldster who needs to keep busy, scent work can brighten up their days. Nose work is not strenuous and dogs and handlers with limitations can have great fun with it.

Sandia Dog Obedience Club is offering an Introduction to Scent Work class starting Wednesday, Jan 3rd at 7:30 pm. $96.75 for 8 weeks. This class will introduce all odors used by the major scent work organizations, develop a reliable indication and start searches. It is being taught by Dee Falk.

For those of who don't know it, Dee Falk had a major role in starting the agility program and trials at SDOC from scratch. She served as agility director for the first several years of the program and has titled in agility to the highest levels including championships. She also has been a major contributor in developing the new SDOC Nose Work program, teaching classes from introduction to advanced.

She has been a UKC Nose Work judge for about three years and is now an approved AKC Scent Work judge. She currently has three dogs (Border Terrier, Doberman & Jagdterrier) competing in Nosework trials. Her Border Terrier, Bezel, is competing and titling in the Elite classes (fifth and highest level) of UKC Nose Work. She has attended seminars and studied with some of the pioneers and founders of nosework organizations.

Consider joining her in the Introduction to Scent Work class starting Jan 3rd.. Go to and download an application. You'll be so glad you did.

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Rosemary Burtch

Chair, SDOC Nose Work Committee

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