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The SDOC VST for November 26, 2017 is on track (pun intended). We have our judges, Charlene Dunn and Jane Jonas. We have a test secretary, Lisa Franklin and one committed tracklayer. My problem is that I need to fill the rest of the committee for AKC. Please let me know if you are willing to serve. We need a test chair and chief tracklayer as well as 5 other club members who will agree to be at the test on Nov. 26.

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As usual, the Albuquerque tracking community will pull together and get it done in fine style. We are also set with our TD for Feb.25, 2018. Our judges are Leslie Swisher and Cindy Solway. Here again I need people to fill the ranks for the test. Our TDX is scheduled for February 4, 2018. I have yet to contact judges but will be doing so this weekend. Any suggestions appreciated. Lisa Franklin has agreed to be test secretary for this test too. (Thanks Lisa).

Thanks in advance. Annie Newsted

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